Daring to think outside the box

Pioneers in improvement

We are improving buildings and their environments in the areas of safety, sustainability and comfort. This requires new insights and modern solutions. The same applies to our collaborations. Our collective consists of 5 specialized business units, each covering a distinct part of our circle of knowledge development, application, and innovation.

Driven to make an impact, each has a clear purpose and defined role. Yet, they follow a common mission in their joint effort of building an improved built living environment. The Nieman Groep is the catalyst of the development cycle.

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Mutual empowerment and collective innovation

The power of connection

The Nieman Groep exists of independent business units. Each has its own expertise and role in order to empower and challenge each other to innovate collectively. Each unit devotes its specialist knowledge and skill to create future-proof solutions in an environment where all disciplines empower each other. Every unit has its unique strength, but they all serve a single purpose.

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Nieman Raadgevende Ingenieurs

Partner in more complex issues concerning the built environment. Offers advice on construction and installation engineering for all phases, from design to realization and consultancy.

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coördinatoren Nieman Academie
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Nieman academie

The Nieman Academie offers a wide range of training courses, master classes, and knowledge sessions in the areas of the Niemand Groep business units.

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Henk Koekoek
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Het geluidburo

Specialist in sound. Het Geluidburo offers advice on how to reduce or optimize sound within the built environment.

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Ingenii Bouwinnovatie

The innovator in construction. Ingenii translates innovation into solutions for societal challenges. Think of developing new products, concepts and processes.

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Our IT- experts. Bimpact develops software tools to improve simplicity and efficiency of construction regulation assessments for buildings and houses.

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Auditum is a professional studio specializing in virtual acoustics, with a focus on the client's auditory experience. Auditum provides expert advice on spatial and electro-acoustics in large-scale environments such as concert halls and church buildings. They also offer guidance on incorporating virtual acoustics into designs for urban planning applications, among other areas.

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Launced on Clima 2022

Own identity
Nieman Groep

Nieman Groep as a holding isn’t new. Our logo is! Henk Koekoek and Marc van Bommel, both director at Nieman Groep, explain in this video how this works.


Nieman Groep is proud partner of Clima

What binds us

Core values



We give, receive and believe in trust. Trust to develop, make choices and go one step further. Trusting that a helpful colleague got our back whenever we need it, within a corporate environment where maintaining a healthy work-life balance is the standard.



Within our collective as a whole or in our separate teams, each one has a distinct role. We feel responsible to take our role seriously in order to make a difference.



We are looking for interaction within and outside our collective, with your own colleagues, clients or the stakeholders involved. This enables everyone to contribute to our projects and the ambitions of the Nieman Groep.



With energy, passion, and an eye for each other’s vision, we work on the improvement of our environment. We work on our goals with commitment and pleasure, everyone out of their own identity.



You can only stay a pioneer in development, when you dare to embrace innovation; when you go off the beaten tracks. We actively share our knowledge in order to inspire our colleagues, clients and external partners.

Curious how you could flourish within this challenging and trusted environment?

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Freedom to use and foster your talents

Talent is encouraged

To make development happen, talent needs to be encouraged. The Nieman Groep stimulates interaction within and outside our collective. Our people enjoy the freedom, the trust and the encouragement to foster and use their talents. Curious?

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